my girl + vintage dresses = the cutest

My sweetest, sweetest, sweet pea.  She is so beautiful to me.  I can't believe she's almost a year old already.  She is walking, rolling on the floor throwing temper tantrums, signing all done and more, bringing books to us to read, smiling when she'd doing something naughty, getting curls just like Max.  She is such a happy baby and so full of personality, I know she is going to give us a run for our money.  And she loves her brother.  The way she looks at him makes my heart melt.  My Lola.

Could these little dresses be any cuter?  My mom made them.  She makes dresses and tops from vintage embroidered linens.  They are so soft and sweet.  Just like Lola.  If you are interested, she will be in Naperville this Thursday, April 25th at the School Readiness Center from 7-9pm.  Or you can go to her Etsy site.  Or go to her website and message her with what you're looking for.  Make sure you like her on Facebook to get up to date information!

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