advent calendar activities

Some days I'm too tired to put anything else in the advent calendar than a piece of candy.  Other days if I know we have a block of time open I put activities.  One was to make gingerbread men.  Oh, did I say make?  I mean decorate.  Like I said, it's my semi-homemade Christmas.  I got these giant gingerbread men from World Market that included frosting.  A couple raisins and m&m's and the kids were happy!
Stealing sister's candy...
His head fell off along the way...

I also had these perler beads from Ikea, I thought it looked like such a fun activity.  Max and I got it out while Lola was napping.  Seriously?  You need some serious fine motor skills for this one, my friends.  Even for me.  But Max really got the hang of it and was really patient.  We ended up making a little ornament for daddy.
Max gave it to John that night, he could not wait for Christmas.  So excited.

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