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Personalized books for the kids are such a no-fail gift, and the kids absolutely love them.  I've made them herehere and here.  For Christmas I decided to make some more I Spy books.  The kids both love to check Where's Waldo and other books like that out of the library.  Lola loves monkeys, so her's is an I Spy My Monkey, and take a big guess what Max's is... yep.  Spiderman.

Some are pretty obvious, just for fun.  The kids like to see themselves in the books.  Where Max is, Spiderman is never far away.  So I was able to use a lot of pictures for his book from our every day pictures.

After I spent so much time making these, and I'm so excited to see them surprised, Max said to me, "Mama, will you make me an I Spy book with my Spiderman?" How does he know??

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