books, books, and more books

We have SO MANY books.  They have also been scattered around our garage since we moved, in about 25 different boxes because I am that person that packs 5 books and then other random light things.  So I said to myself, "enough already!".  I brought most of the boxes in, scattered the books across our whole living room floor and then started to make piles by size.  An interesting project with a 4 and 1 year old around...

I've always loved this bookshelf.  Even this one.  But I'm too cheap.  I've had some of these though and thought that I could DIY the DWR shelf and use the Conceal to keep it stable.  You know, small children around.  This is how it turned out; filling up the space where our tree was.

What do you think?  I like it, but then I kinda feel like it's too orderly.  Maybe it shouldn't be so completely structured by size?  I'm sure I will continue to tinker with it, but I like our new reading nook!

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