diy kids play cookbook

The kids got a cute little play kitchen for Christmas and they really love it.  The old one got a lot of play, that's for sure, but it was looking pretty shabby.  This one has the perfect spot in our new office slash play room.  I thought it would be really fun to make the kids their own cookbook with silly recipes to follow.  Also, a way to continue to teach numbers, colors, and just encourage their imagination a little.  

I took an old board book of theirs that neither of them read and mod podged the printed recipe cards on top of the current pages.  It was easy... but takes a lot of time because you have to let each page dry completely before doing the next so they don't stick together.

"Eat this Lola!"


This is Lola doing the Pat-a-Cake, "roll it".

Here are all the recipes I wrote.  I think the Superhero Stew and Pat-a-Cake are my favs.

And aren't these totes cute??  My mom made them for all the grandkids last Easter, filled with play food.  I love them.

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