Valentine's Day Photo Booth

I don't always get a chance to send out Valentines (I think I did this year, because who can resist a little boy covered in hearts??), but this love note was just so quick and easy.  

The kids love playing around with Photo Booth on our Mac- if you haven't tried it, you should.  Hilarious bug eyes, distorted tall heads, etc. Then, we went to dinner the other night at our local pizza place and they had a real photo booth.  Very exciting for these two.  They wanted to do more, so I created their own personal photo booth strips for Valentine's Day.

I printed out some signs and took their picture in front of a white wall.  Lola was in the perfect mood!  I cropped the images, put them together in a strip and placed that onto a 4x6 document so I could print them cheaply at Walgreens.  Cut them out and there you go!  

I even got to use my new address stamp from The Yellow Note.  Love it!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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