cardboard guitar DIY

This is actually a project from last spring, but I just never got around to posting it. John gets his guitar out from time to time and plays for the kids. Actually, everyone in John's family can play. So the kids really wanted their own guitars. So, one sunny day, we made some!

I started out by drawing the shape of a guitar and cutting out a template. I wanted the guitars to be solid, so I actually glued together layers of the shape, which is why you see so many traced below. **No Lola's were injured in the cutting process of these guitars despite her insistence to lay atop them**

Once I had my pile of guitars I cut a hole in each one. You know, for the sound waves man.

I let the kids finger paint them. This was one of their favorite parts, they were pretty excited that they could personalize their guitar. Those are fabric paints because it's all I had on hand, I would definitely not recommend that. You will want to use tempera because it's washable. 

Once the top painted layer had dried, I glued about 4 layers together each and gave that time to dry as well. I then poked holes with an ice pick at both ends so I could string them. I had a bunch of colorful rubber bands that looked fun, but weren't quite long enough so you can see I used two for each string, tying them together.

They do actually make sound! Ok, not like Van Halen sound, but like a really rock-n-roll rubber band sound. Get it? The Rubber Band??

Straight up jammin. Thank you Cleveland! We love you!

If you try this, which you should because it's so fun and cute, post a pic tagging @littlemrmoo so I can see it!

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